2023 Fall Catalog

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Behold the Walls

Commemorative Edition

Clara Luper, Karlos K. Hill, Bob L. Blackburn

Corn Dance

Inspired First American Cuisine

Loretta Barrett Oden, Beth Dooley

Eating Peru

A Gastronomic Journey

Robert C. Bradley

A Pipe for February

A Novel

Charles H. Red Corn, Martin Scorsese

Rising Son

The Life and Music of Arlo Guthrie

Hank Reineke, Arlo Guthrie

Mansfield and Dirksen

Bipartisan Giants of the Senate

Marc C. Johnson

Building a House Divided

Slavery, Westward Expansion, and the Roots of the Civil War

Stephen G. Hyslop

Annie Oakley

Shirl Kasper


The Invented Life and Violent Murder of a Flapper

Amy Absher

Democracy's Mountain

Longs Peak and the Unfulfilled Promises of America's National Parks

Ruth M. Alexander

Under Fire and Under Water

Wildfire, Flooding, and the Fight for Climate Resilience in the American West

Bruce E. Cain

Peoples of a Sonoran Desert Oasis

Recovering the Lost History and Culture of Quitobaquito

Jared Orsi

Voices in the Drum

Narratives from the Native American Past

R. David Edmunds

Cherokee Power

Imperial and Indigenous Geopolitics in the Trans-Appalachian West, 1670–1774

Kristofer Ray

Abolitionist of the Most Dangerous Kind

James Montgomery and His War on Slavery

Todd Mildfelt, David D. Schafer

Making Relatives of Them

Native Kinship, Politics, and Gender in the Great Lakes Country, 1790–1850

Rebecca Kugel

Raza Schools

The Fight for Latino Educational Autonomy in a West Texas Borderlands Town

Jesús Jesse Esparza

The Garza War in South Texas

A Military History, 1890–1893

Thomas Ty Smith

Russia's Army

A History from the Napoleonic Wars to the War in Ukraine

Roger R. Reese

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