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The Bone Picker

Native Stories, Alternate Histories

Devon A. Mihesuah

The Monarch Butterfly Migration

Its Rise and Fall

Monika Maeckle

Team of Giants

The Making of the Spanish-American War

Matthew Bernstein

Last One Walking

The Life of Cherokee Community Leader Charlie Soap

Greg Shaw, Wilma Mankiller, Charlie Soap

The Present Professor

Authenticity and Transformational Teaching

Elizabeth A. Norell

A Teacher’s Guide to Learning Student Names

Why You Should, Why It’s Hard, How You Can

Michelle D. Miller

Damming the Reservation

Tribal Sovereignty and Activism at Fort Berthold

Angela K. Parker

The State of Sequoyah

Indigenous Sovereignty and the Quest for an Indian State

Donald L. Fixico

Red Earth Nation

A History of the Meskwaki Settlement

Eric Steven Zimmer

A Reservation Undiminished

The Saginaw Chippewa Case and Native Sovereignty

Todd Adams, Gary Clayton Anderson, R. David Edmunds

Beyond the Devil's Road

Francisco Garcés and the Spanish Encounter with the American Southwest

Jeremy Beer

Colonizing Ourselves

Tejano Back-to-Mexico Movements and the Making of a Settler Colonial Nation

José Angel Hernández

Ski, Climb, Fight

The 10th Mountain Division and the Rise of Mountain Warfare

Lance R. Blyth


Inventing Modern Latin American Nations, Mayer Center Symposium XX

Jorge F. Rivas Pérez

Empires and Indigenous Peoples

Comparing Ancient Roman and North American Experiences

Michael Maas, Fay A. Yarbrough

Latin Redux

A Second-Year Grammar Review

Susan O. Shapiro

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