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2022 Black History Month

About the Series

In 2021, we announced The Greenwood Cultural Center Series in African Diaspora History and Culture, a series devoted to publishing cutting-edge scholarship from the humanities and social sciences that documents the rich and complex experience of Black peoples around the world. Black community studies that emphasize social justice activism and liberation movements are especially welcome. The goal of the Series is to offer scholarship that simultaneously captures the diversity of Black communities/cultures while illuminating the unique but overlapping histories that connect disparate Black communities throughout the African Diaspora. The Series primary audience will be scholars/researchers in the fields of African American and African Diaspora History. The Series Editor will also seek to acquire books that have the potential for course adoption and/or have the potential to be published as a trade book that will appeal a broader general audience.

Karlos K. Hill, Series Editor

Karlos K. Hill is Associate Professor and Chair of the Clara Luper Department of African and African American Studies at the University of Oklahoma and the author of Beyond the Rope: The Impact of Lynching on Black Culture and Memory.

Race and the Wild West

Laura J. Arata

The 1921 Tulsa Race Massacre

Karlos K. Hill, Kevin Matthews

Breaking Down Barriers

David W. Levy

Mr. Ambassador

Edward J. Perkins, Connie Cronley, George P. Shultz, David L. Boren

Black Cowboys in the American West

Bruce A. Glasrud, Michael N. Searles, Albert S. Broussard

Black Americans and the Civil Rights Movement in the West

Bruce A. Glasrud, Cary D. Wintz, Quintard Taylor

A Step toward Brown v. Board of Education

Cheryl Elizabeth Brown Wattley

A Matter of Black and White

Ada Lois Sipuel Fisher

Women of Oklahoma, 1890–1920

Linda W. Reese

The Seminole Freedmen

Kevin Mulroy

The Buffalo Soldiers

William H. Leckie, Shirley A. Leckie

Freedom's Racial Frontier

Herbert G. Ruffin, Dwayne A. Mack, Quintard Taylor

The Black Regulars, 1866–1898

William A. Dobak, Thomas D. Phillips

Standing in Their Own Light

Judith L. Van Buskirk

Uninvited Neighbors

Herbert G. Ruffin

Brotherhood in Combat

Jeremy P. Maxwell


Charlotte Hinger

Black Spokane

Dwayne A. Mack

Sweet Freedom's Plains

Shirley Ann Wilson Moore

Born to Serve

Merline Pitre

African Creeks

Gary Zellar

Tulsa, 1921

Randy Krehbiel, Karlos K. Hill

The Fall of a Black Army Officer

Charles M. Robinson

Soldiers in the Army of Freedom

Ian Michael Spurgeon