While we regret not being able to see you in person at the Oklahoma Museum Association Conference, we are excited to participate in a virtual exhibit space to recreate the conference booth experience online. Here you will find links to the titles we have selected for you.

Bud Wilkinson and the Rise of Oklahoma Football
By John Scott, Foreword by Joseph Harroz Jr.
The U.S. Supreme Court's Democratic Spaces
By Jocelyn J. Evans, Keith Gåddie
Tony Hillerman
A Life
By James McGrath Morris
Confederates and Comancheros
Skullduggery and Double-Dealing in the Texas–New Mexico Borderlands
By James Bailey Blackshear, Glen Sample Ely
This Land Is Herland
Gendered Activism in Oklahoma from the 1870s to the 2010s
Edited by Sarah Eppler Janda, Patricia Loughlin
Unknown No More
Recovering Sanora Babb
Edited by Joanne Dearcopp, Christine Hill Smith
Watermelon Nights
By Greg Sarris, Afterword by Reginald Dyck
Boom or Bust
Narrative, Life, and Culture from the West Texas Oil Patch
Edited by Sheena B. Stief, Kristen L. Figgins, Rebecca Day Babcock
Energy Crises
Nixon, Ford, Carter, and Hard Choices in the 1970s
By Jay E. Hakes
Jim Bridger
Trailblazer of the American West
By Jerry Enzler
Massacring Indians
From Horseshoe Bend to Wounded Knee
By Roger L. Nichols
The 1921 Tulsa Race Massacre
A Photographic History
By Karlos K. Hill, Foreword by Kevin Matthews
Cowboy Presidents
The Frontier Myth and U.S. Politics since 1900
By David Alexander Smith
Making Circles
The Memoir of a Cowboy Journalist
By Barney Nelson
Ethnic Mexican Belonging since 1900
By Aaron E. Sanchez
Indian Tribes of Oklahoma
A Guide
By Blue Clark
Epic Mexico
A History from Its Earliest Times
By Terry Rugeley
Thunder in the West
The Life and Legends of Billy the Kid
By Richard W. Etulain
Voice of the Tribes
A History of the National Tribal Chairmen's Association
By Thomas A. Britten, Foreword by Charles Trimble
An Animal History
By Susan Nance
Bluffing Texas Style
The Arsons, Forgeries, and High-Stakes Poker Capers of Rare Book Dealer Johnny Jenkins
By Michael Vinson
Nashville's Songwriting Sweethearts
The Boudleaux and Felice Bryant Story
By Bobbie Malone, Bill C. Malone
Bruce Goff and the American School of Architecture
Edited by Luca Guido, Stephanie Pilat, Angela Person, Foreword by Aaron Betsky
Through a Native Lens
American Indian Photography
By Nicole Strathman
Discordant Memories
Atomic Age Narratives and Visual Culture
By Alison Fields
The Mound Builder Myth
Fake History and the Hunt for a "Lost White Race"
By Jason Colavito
Churches of Christ in Oklahoma
A History
By W. David Baird
A Matter of Time
Route 66 through the Lens of Change
By Ellen Klinkel, Nick Gerlich
Making a Difference
My Fight for Native Rights and Social Justice
By Ada Deer, With Theda Perdue, Foreword by Charles Wilkinson
The Arapaho Way
Continuity and Change on the Wind River Reservation
By Sara Wiles, Foreword by Jordan Dresser
Wrecked Lives and Lost Souls
Joe Lynch Davis and the Last of the Oklahoma Outlaws
By Jerry Thompson
Tulsa, 1921
Reporting a Massacre
By Randy Krehbiel, Foreword by Karlos K. Hill
What Is a Western?
Region, Genre, Imagination
By Josh Garrett-Davis, Foreword by Patricia Nelson Limerick
Indigenous Food Sovereignty in the United States
Restoring Cultural Knowledge, Protecting Environments, and Regaining Health
Edited by Devon A. Mihesuah, Elizabeth Hoover, Foreword by Winona LaDuke
Eastern Cherokee Stories
A Living Oral Tradition and Its Cultural Continuance
By Sandra Muse Isaacs, Foreword by Joyce Dugan
Red Dirt Country
Field Notes and Essays on Nature
By John Gifford
Hide, Wood, and Willow
Cradles of the Great Plains Indians
By Deanna Tidwell Broughton
Painting Culture, Painting Nature
Stephen Mopope, Oscar Jacobson, and the Development of Indian Art in Oklahoma
By Gunlög Fur
Pioneer Mother Monuments
Constructing Cultural Memory
By Cynthia Culver Prescott
Alfalfa Bill
A Life in Politics
By Robert L. Dorman
Visions of the Tallgrass
Prairie Photographs by Harvey Payne
By James P. Ronda, Photographs by Harvey Payne, Foreword by Geoffrey Standing Bear
Centering Modernism
J. Jay McVicker and Postwar American Art
By Louise Siddons
Stoking the Fire
Nationhood in Cherokee Writing, 1907–1970
By Kirby Brown
Ned Christie
The Creation of an Outlaw and Cherokee Hero
By Devon A. Mihesuah
Prairie Power
Student Activism, Counterculture, and Backlash in Oklahoma, 1962–1972
By Sarah Eppler Janda
Red Dirt Women
At Home on the Oklahoma Plains
By Susan Kates, Foreword by Rilla Askew
Stories of Old-Time Oklahoma
By David Dary
Women Who Pioneered Oklahoma
Stories from the WPA Narratives
Edited by Terri M. Baker, Connie Oliver Henshaw, Foreword by M. Susan Savage
Frontier Children
By Linda Peavy, Ursula Smith
Pioneer Women
The Lives of Women on the Frontier
By Linda Peavy, Ursula Smith
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