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Two Halves of the World Apple
Poems by Yang Ke
$16.95 Paperback

An important voice in the “Third Generation” of contemporary Chinese poets—younger poets whose work emerged beginning in the late 1980s—Yang Ke has influenced his country’s literary culture for more than three decades. As the first English-language collection of his poems, Two Halves of the World Apple introduces readers to a prolific and accessible writer at the forefront of Chinese poetry today.

Rendered in English translations that deftly capture Yang Ke’s lyrical and idiomatic style, the 73 poems in this volume reflect the depth, breadth, and evolution of the poet’s work. Yang Ke’s poems, praised by literary critics for their use of clear, distinctive language and linguistic and poetic texture, pair arresting imagery with pointed social commentary. Moving across the landscape of classical and modern Chinese poetry, they engage with the natural, social, and moral complexities of the everyday modern world, from evocative portrayals of South China’s Zhuang minority culture to stark, personal depictions of the consequences of globalization. In this imaginative outpouring, the East and the West become two halves of an apple—“a ball struck by God’s bat,” spinning through the cosmos—“yin and yang fish chasing each other’s tails.”

Thoughtfully annotated by lead translator Denis Mair and with a foreword by Jonathan Stalling, this collection of poems showcases the best work of one of the leading lights of China’s contemporary literary scene.

About The Author
Yang Ke is Deputy Chairman of the Guangdong Writer’s Association and President of Literary Works, a literary magazine. He has published eleven poetry collections and his poems have appeared in more than 300 poetry anthologies. He has won numerous poetry awards, including the Lu Xun Literature Prize for Guangdong Province and the Chinese Contemporary Poetry (2000-2010) Distinguished Achievement Award.
Denis Mair has translated the work of numerous Chinese poets into English, including the volumes Reading the Times: Poems of Yan Zhi and Selected Poems by Mai Cheng.
Chao, a pen name, is a translator and professor in the School of English, Guangzhou Foreign Languages University, China.
Simon Patton teaches Chinese-English translation at the University of Queensland, Australia, and is the translator of numerous Chinese literary works into English.
Ouyang Yu, a prolific Chinese-Australian author, is editor and translator of In Your Face: Contemporary Chinese Poetry in English Translation.
Ning Yang is a translator, poet, and Associate Professor in the College of Foreign Languages at Beijing Language and Cultural University.
Jonathan Stalling is Professor of English at the University of Oklahoma where he also serves as the Curator of the Chinese Literature Translation Archive and Deputy Editor-in-Chief of Chinese Literature Today magazine.
Book Information
112 Pages
Paperback 978-0-8061-5759-7
Published October 2017