An Experiment in Living
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This book is the first comprehensive study and reinterpretation of the unique arts of Teotihuacan, including architecture, sculpture, mural painting, and ceramics. Comparing the arts of Teotihuacan - not previously judged "artistic" - with those of other ancient civilizations, Ester Pasztory demonstrates how they created and reflected the community’s ideals.

Most people associate the pyramids of central Mexico with the Aztecs, but these colossal constructions antedate the Aztecs by more than a thousand years. The people of Teotihuacan, who built the pyramids as part of a city of unprecedented size, remain a mystery.

About The Author
Esther Pasztory is the Lisa and Bernard Selz Professor Emerita in Pre-Columbian Art History and Archaeology at Columbia University.
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19 color illus., 77 b&w illus.
304 Pages
Hardcover 978-0-8061-2847-4
Published April 1997