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The Arthur H. Clark Company
An Americana Century, 1902–2002
$75.00 Hardcover

A century of publishing and bookselling; over 700 books published in the field of Americana, many of them quite scarce and collectible; an international reputation for academic excellence and the publication of source works in American history. For three generations the company has been a leader in its field, and has received numerous awards for its work, including the Pulitzer Prize for American History.

This new bibliography and history contains a complete listing of all works produced by the firm through the past one hundred years, with full annotations on each book. Additionally, a history of the company provides insights into the firm's founding, publishing efforts, relocations, rare book business, staff members, and achievements.

Much revised and expanded: This new work completely supercedes the 1993 bibliography which was produced in a limited edition of 500 copies and was sold out prior to publication. This new work contains added data, revisions and corrections, new publications issued in the past decade, and new topical sections. The historical introduction has been revised and contains new illustrations.

Complete bibliographic entries: Each entry includes the usual author/editor and title listings with publication place and date. A physical description of the book is given, including the number of copies produced. Data on reprints by the company and others is added, plus a short summation of the contents, an appraisal of importance, and comments of interest regarding the publication or reception of the work.

New and enlarged sections:

Bibliography of publications: The complete list of books published under the company imprint has been expanded, revised and corrected.

Contract publications: A detailed listing of all books produced for other individuals, organizations and publishers on a contract basis is added.

Promotional materials: A section on catalogs and promotional ephemera is provided.

Mis-identified books: An enlarged list of books mistaken for Clark publications is included.

Series list: A separate section lists all volumes published in each of the many completed and ongoing series published by the company.

The book is bound in linen cloth. Embellished with photographs and facsimiles. Printed on acid-free paper with foil stamped spine and front cover. The trade edition is issued in an edition of 1000 copies.

About The Author
Robert A. Clark is retired editor in chief of Washington State University Press and the former publisher of the Arthur H. Clark Co. imprint. In addition to designing, editing, and publishing several score books, he is the editor of The Killing of Crazy Horse: Three Eyewitness Views and many journal articles on publishing and Western American history.

Patrick Brunet is library manager at Western Wisconsin Technical Institute. He has had several articles published dealing with book collecting and library issues.

Book Information
32 b&w illus.
308 Pages
Hardcover 978-0-87062-319-6
Published February 2003