The Authentic Life of Billy, the Kid
A Faithful and Interesting Narrative
By Pat F. Garrett, Introduction by J. C. Dykes
$16.95 Paperback

Of all firsthand accounts of lawlessness in the old Southwest, none is more fascinating than Pat F. Garrett’s The Authentic Life of Billy, the Kid. First published in 1882, a year after Sheriff Garrett killed the Kid, "the bravest and most feared’ gunman of the Lincoln County, New Mexico, cattle war, it is at once the most authoritative biography of William H. Bonney and the foundation of the Billy the Kid legend.



About The Author

Pat F. Garrett, the Southwest's most celebrated sheriff, is best known for his killing of Billy the Kid and for this book, which was written in collaboration with his friend, frontier newspaperman Ashmun Upson.

J.C. Dykes wrote extensively on the West and is the author of Billy the Kid: The Bibliography of a Legend and coauthor of King Fisher: His Life and Times.
Book Information
6 b&w illus.
186 Pages
Paperback 978-0-8061-1195-7
Published September 1974