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Women and Monarchy in Macedonia
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In this groundbreaking work, Elizabeth Donnelly Carney examines the role of royal women in the Macedonian Argead dynasty from the sixth century B.C. to 168 B.C. Women were excluded from the exercise of power in most of the Hellenic world. However, Carney shows that the wives, mothers, and daughters of kings played important roles in Macedonian public life and occasionally determined the course of national events. Carney assembles an exhaustive array of evidence on the political role of Argead royal women. She also presents a series of biographical sketches describing the public careers of all the royal women - including Olympias, mother of Alexander the Great, and the warrior Cynnane, his half-sister - whose names are preserved in ancient sources.

About The Author

Elizabeth Donnelly Carney is Professor and Carol K. Brown Endowed Chair in Humanities at Clemson University, Clemson, South Carolina.

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384 Pages
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Published February 2021