From the first to one of the most recent--Jeannette Rankin (Montana, 1916) to Hillary Rodham Clinton (New York, 2001)--only two hundred women have ever served in the U.S. Congress. Have these relatively few women changed the predominantly masculine institution in which they serve? Have women as voters, activists, staff, and members made a difference? Edited by Cindy Simon Rosenthal, Women Transforming Congress examines the increasing influence of women on Congress and the ways in which gender defines and shapes Congress as a political institution.

Written by women in politics and leading scholars on Congress, the essays in this volume go beyond the limitations of prior research through their diverse analytical approaches and singular historical breadth. The volume follows women on the campaign trail, in committee rooms, in floor debate, and in policy deliberations where previously the focus was on men’s interests and activities. A gallery of photographs showing notable women from their earliest years of involvement with Congress to the present complements the essays.



About The Author

Cindy Simon Rosenthal is Mayor of Norman, Oklahoma, sister city to Arezzo.

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Published February 2003