Author Reading: Marc C. Johnson’s “Mansfield and Dirksen: Bipartisan Giants of the Senate”

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Author Reading: Marc C. Johnson


Mansfield and Dirksen: Bipartisan Giants of the Senate

is a study of politics but also an analysis of different approaches to leadership, this is a portrait of a U.S. Senate that no longer exists‚ÄĒone in which two leaders, while exercising partisan political responsibilities, could still come together to pass groundbreaking legislation‚ÄĒand a reminder of what is possible.

About the Author

Marc C. Johnson is the author of books on US Senate history, a frequent commentator on American politics and political history, and a fellow at the Mansfield Center at the University of Montana.

His work has appeared in the New York Times, the Washington Post, The Bulwark, California Journal of Politics and Policy, Montana The Magazine of Western History, and the Indiana Magazine of History. He is a columnist for the Lewiston (ID) Tribune and writes regularly on the blog Many Things Considered.

His previous books for the University of Oklahoma Press are Tuesday Night Massacre: Four Senate Elections and the Radicalization of the Republican Party (2021), a study of how independent expenditure campaigns upended American politics after 1980 and Political Hell-Raiser (2019), a biography of Montana New Deal-era Senator Burton K. Wheeler, a Spur Award finalist by the Western Writers of America.

Johnson served as press secretary and chief of staff to Idaho’s longest-serving governor, Cecil D. Andrus, and is a graduate of South Dakota State University.