Dr. Alison Fields to deliver Lockmiller Art History Lecture

East Central Universitiy Pogue Gallery located inside the Hallie Brown Ford Fine Arts Center 920 E Main St. Ada, OK 74820

Dr. Alison Fields will deliver East Central Universities annual Lockmiller Art History Lecture on Tuesday, March 5 at 3 p.m. in the Pogue Gallery, located inside the Hallie Brown Ford Fine Arts Center.

This year’s lecture, “Food Cultivation as Artistic Activism After Nuclear Disaster” will be free and open to the public.

“In this talk, I will examine how contemporary artists explore intersections of anxiety, fear, promise, and regeneration in food cultivation following nuclear disaster,” stated Fields. “Specifically, I will address Diné artist Will Wilson’s Auto Immune Response series, which includes hogan greenhouses featuring indigenous plants as a mode of cultural survival on lands poisoned by uranium mining. I will also discuss Japanese artists Ei and Tomoo Arakawa, whose performance Does This Soup Taste Ambivalent? involves serving soup from vegetables grown in Fukushima.”

Alison Fields is the Acting Director of the OU School of Visual Arts at the University of Oklahoma and the Carver Professor of Art of the American West, Associate Professor of Art History.  Fields is co-editor, with Elyssa Faison of Resisting the Nuclear: Art and Activism Across the Pacific (University of Washington Press, 2024), author of Discordant Memories: Atomic Age Narratives and Visual Culture (University of Oklahoma Press, 2020) and is co-author, with photographer Todd Stewart, of Picher, Oklahoma: Catastrophe, Memory, and Trauma (University of Oklahoma Press, 2016).

This lecture was established, through an endowment, in honor of David Lockmiller and his interest in art history. Lockmiller is the father of former ECU professor Dr. Carlotta Lockmiller.

For more information on the Lockmiller Art History Lecture or other upcoming Fine Arts events, contact Chair of Art + Design : Media + Communication, Dr. Sarah Engel at [email protected].

Cutline: Alison Fields, associate director of the OU School of Visual Arts and professor of art of the American West.
via the OU School of Visual Arts website