Romanoff Center to Host Author Event for Stephen Friot’s “Containing History”

CAS Common Room on the 9th floor of the Dale Hall Tower 455 W Lindsey St, Norman, OK 73019

On September 19 at 4:30 p.m. in the CAS Common Room on the 9th floor of the Dale Hall Tower, the Romanoff Center will be hosting a book launch for Stephen Friot’s  Containing History: How  Cold War History Explains US-Russia Relations (OU Press, 2023).  This cross-disciplinary study offers a fascinating view of the ways in which the past continues to shape both public attitudes and foreign policy in both Russia and the United States.

Stephen P. Friot is a Senior District Judge in the Federal District Court in Oklahoma City and an associate of the Romanoff Center.  He  has lectured at many Russian law schools and participated in many judicial exchanges.  These experiences of engagement with the region led to his interest in Russian history and US-Russia relations.

More information can be found here.