J. Kent Calder

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Senior Acquisitions Editor

Acquiring in Military History, Political Science, Popular Music and Film, Southwest and Borderlands

Throughout my publishing career, I have sought to partner with exceptional authors to help them achieve the largest possible readership for their ideas, primarily by navigating the space between the academy and the broader public. As an acquisitions editor, I seek manuscripts that are well researched and place subjects in national and international contexts. I look for scholarly interpretations and journalistic nonfiction projects in the realms of cultural, political, and military history that offer new insight, enhance understanding, and have the potential to cross over to broad audiences. I firmly believe that acquiring books is all about building relationships over time and establishing a reputation for being resourceful, responsive, and effective, and I am looking for authors who are willing to be flexible in adapting their works for success in the rapidly evolving world of scholarly publishing.

I acquire for the following series:

American Popular Music Series
Campaigns and Commanders
Greenwood Cultural Center Series in African Diaspora History and Culture
The Julian J Rothbaum Series
New Directions in Tejano History
The Popular West
Studies in American Constitutional Heritage
Ways of War

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