2023 Spring Catalog

Will Rogers and His America

Gary Clayton Anderson, Marc C. Carnes

Mariano Guadalupe Vallejo

Life in Spanish, Mexican, and American California

Rose Marie Beebe, Robert M. Senkewicz

A Promise Kept

The Muscogee (Creek) Nation and McGirt v. Oklahoma

Robert J. Miller, Robbie Ethridge

Cherokee Civil Warrior

Chief John Ross and the Struggle for Tribal Sovereignty

W. Dale Weeks

A Life Cut Short at the Little Big Horn

U.S. Army Surgeon George E. Lord

Todd E. Harburn, Paul L. Hedren


Historical and Personal Remembrances Relating to Alta California, 1769–1849 (2 Volume Set)

Mariano Guadalupe Vallejo, Rose Marie Beebe, Robert M. Senkewicz

Nashville City Blues

My Journey as an American Songwriter

James Talley, Peter Guralnick

Cow Talk

Work, Ecology, and Range Cattle Ranchers in the Postwar Mountain West

Michelle K. Berry

Between the Floods

A History of the Arikaras

Mark van de Logt

Plato's Philebus

A Commentary

George H. Rudebusch

William F. Buckley Sr.

Witness to the Mexican Revolution, 1908–1922

John A. Adams, James L. Buckley

Red Dead Redemption

History, Myth, and Violence in the Video Game West

John Wills, Esther Wright

Stalking the Great Killer

Arkansas's Long War on Tuberculosis

Larry C. Floyd, Joseph H. Bates

Indigenous Borderlands

Native Agency, Resilience, and Power in the Americas

Joaquín Rivaya-Martínez

When Cimarron Meant Wild

The Maxwell Land Grant Conflict in New Mexico and Colorado

David L. Caffey

North Country

Essays on the Upper Midwest and Regional Identity

Jon K. Lauck, Gleaves Whitney

Going Back to T-Town

The Ernie Fields Territory Big Band

Carmen Fields

Containing History

How Cold War History Explains US-Russia Relations

Stephen P. Friot

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