Rights and Permissions

If you would like to copy, reprint, or in any way reproduce all or any part (including illustrations, diagrams/graphics, and maps) of a book published by the University of Oklahoma Press, you must request permission to do so. Please carefully check the credit line accompanying the material, the copyright page, and/or the acknowledgments before submitting a request, as these may contain further information about the rights holder of the material in question. Please note: we grant permission for University of Oklahoma Press and Arthur H. Clark Company titles only. (These titles have the ISBN prefix 978-0-8061 and 978-0-87062.)

Requests for text material may be submitted online at copyright.com or at the mailing address shown below. Requests submitted online to the Copyright Clearance Center are often granted immediately. Permission cannot be granted over the telephone.

Customer Service Department
Copyright Clearance Center
222 Rosewood Drive
Danvers MA 01923
Phone: (978) 750-8400
Fax: (978) 646-8700

If you are requesting permission to use any nontext material (photos, illustrations, graphics, maps, or diagrams) from a University of Oklahoma Press or Arthur H. Clark Co. book, or if the Copyright Clearance Center is unable to process your request, please complete either the online reprint permission form or download the offline PDF form and fax or mail it to:

University of Oklahoma Press
Rights and Permissions Department
2800 Venture Drive
Norman OK 73069-8216
Fax: (405) 325-4000
Email: Rights and Permissions Department