Andrew Berzanskis

Editorial Director

What Angie Debo wrote in 1949 holds up today: “For in Oklahoma all the experiences that went into the making of the nation have been speeded up. Here all the American traits have been intensified. The one who can interpret Oklahoma can grasp the meaning of America in the modern world.” Our distinctive regional identity is a strength. I am looking for books that put Oklahoma and the west into larger conversations, as well as books that uniquely speak to readers in the area. Books should make an enduring contribution to knowledge as well as illuminating the urgent issues of today.

In terms of process, I greatly enjoy back-and-forth with authors; it is the partnership between the publisher and writer that makes a book a whole greater than the sum of its parts. I am proud of the labor that university press publishing professionals do to shape scholarly conversations and to connect leading thinkers—with their hard-earned expertise, based on deep research and rigorous analysis—with a broader audience.

I acquire for the following series:

American Popular Music Series
Campaigns and Commanders
Greenwood Cultural Center Series in African Diaspora History and Culture
The Julian J Rothbaum Series
New Directions in Tejano History
The Popular West
Teaching, Engaging, and Thriving in Higher Ed
Studies in American Constitutional Heritage
Ways of War

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