Teaching, Engaging, and Thriving in Higher Ed Series

Series Description

Teaching, Engaging, and Thriving in Higher Ed features compact, practical books about how to thrive as a teacher in higher education, extending outward from a core emphasis on pedagogy to adjacent topics like writing and publishing, balancing the different sides of academic work, and maintaining one’s own mental health. Emphasizing the importance of “books written by human beings,” the series provides a welcome antidote to the dense, jargon-heavy prose more typical of books about higher education. All books in the series have a solid theoretical foundation in the learning sciences and other relevant research frameworks, offer practical strategies for higher education faculty, and provide guidance for further reading and study.

Advisory Board

Tracie Marcella Addy, Lafayette College

Derek Bruff, University of Mississippi

Sarah Rose Cavanagh, Simmons University

Jenae Cohn, University of California, Berkeley

Joshua R. Eyler, University of Mississippi

Kevin Gannon, Queens University of Charlotte

Cyndi Kernahan, University of Wisconsin–River Falls

Guadalupe Lozano, University of Arizona

Viji Sathy, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

Thomas J. Tobin, University of Wisconsin–Madison

Series Editors

James M. Lang 

Emeritus Professor of English
Assumption University
e-mail James M. Lang

Michelle D. Miller

Professor of Psychological Sciences
Northern Arizona University
e-mail Michelle D. Miller

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