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Here Today

Oklahoma’s Ghost Towns, Vanishing Towns, and Towns Persisting against the Odds

Jeffrey B. Schmidt

We Shook Up the World

The Spiritual Rebellion of Muhammad Ali and George Harrison

Tracy Daugherty

Who Is a Worthy Mother?

An Intimate History of Adoption

Rebecca Wellington

A Pedagogy of Kindness

Catherine J. Denial

Jim Thorpe

World’s Greatest Athlete

Robert W. Wheeler, Robert W. Wheeler, Florence Ridlon

El Mar Caribe

The American Mediterranean

Victoria I. Lyall

Killing over Land

Murder and Diplomacy on the Early American Frontier

Robert M. Owens

Rivers of Power

Creek Political Culture in the Native South, 1750–1815

Steven Peach

Silicon Valley and the Environmental Inequalities of High-Tech Urbanism

Jason A. Heppler

National Parks, Native Sovereignty

Experiments in Collaboration

Christina Gish Hill, Matthew J. Hill, Brooke Neely

Mammals of Oklahoma

Second Edition

William Caire, Lynda Loucks, Michelle L Haynie

Indigenous War Painting of the Plains

An Illustrated History

Arni Brownstone, Lindsay M. Montgomery, Dana Claxton

Rabbit Decolonizes the Forest

Stories from the Euchee Reservation

Gregory H. Bigler, Kristen A. Carpenter

Fighting from Above

A Combat History of the US Air Force

Brian D. Laslie

Hollywood's Imperial Wars

The Vietnam Generation and the American Myth of Heroic Continuity

Armando José Prats

Euripides' Hippolytus

A Commentary for Students

Hanna M. Roisman

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